Nasdaq intern hiring challenge

Recently, a test was held at hackerearth named “nasdaq intern hiring challenge”. Did anyone hear from them afterwards for interviews ?

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No, do we need to register after contest also ?.They said that we will recieve mail by today.

I did not see any registration links post contest

where did you got the info about getting the mail by today?

Not received anything yet.

@anshumankhatte, I did internship with Nasdaq his year, I gave the test on December, 2019. I received the update about interview on March 2020.

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Bro could you please tell does this company give ppo and if it gives, is it worth taking the ppo?

no, and i was not able to pass the test cases for 2nd question for that test :frowning:

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Like,before the contest itself,i,e. during the registration time itself i saw that there will be mail by 27th,yet i didn’t receive any

can you please share your interview experience?

How did you solve the second problem?
The Binary String problem?
Please share your approach. I couldn’t solve it.

The same problem…

were you able to solve it during the contest?


Hi. Can you please share your interview experience and what was the shortlisting criteria to get an interview?

It’s similar problem not the same.

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its the same problem in a different way

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Yeh actually I thought im the inly one who solved this relating to that codeforces problem lol. read the question during contest and was surprised that its the same problem in different statement.

So are they not gonna select anyone for interviews ?

Do anyone heard it till now from them, I solved both the questions and the rest mcqs still didn’t heard from them.