National Fiesta on CP by CodeChef College Chapters - Ask your questions

CodeChef College Chapters is excited to announce another learning opportunity and its first ever 3-Day CP Extravaganza - the National Fiesta starting from 4th December 2020 for all the community members.

The speakers are former ICPC finalists and are currently working as Software Engineers at top firms across the world.

Day-1: Session by Kamil Debowski (aka Errichto) - @errichto

  • Popular by the name of Errichto. He is a famous competitive programmer and YouTuber.
  • He is an ICPC 2016 Bronze Medalist and is currently a 7-star programmer at CodeChef and a Legendary GM on Codeforces.

Day-2: Session by Sanket Singh

  • Sanket Singh is a former GSoCer and has worked with organizations like ISRO and InterviewBit as an SDE intern.
  • He is currently working as a Software Development Engineer at LinkedIn.

Day-3: Session by Triveni Mahatha - @triveni

  • Triveni Mahatha is an IIT Kanpur graduate who has previously worked as a SDE@Rippling and is an ICPC 2016 World Final Qualifier.
  • He is currently a 6-star coder at CodeChef and a CM on CodeForces.

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