Navigation from codechef discuss to codechef profile of a user

How can you navigate to a person’s Codechef profile from the Codechef Discuss profile?

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That’s the good question and I also would like to know the answer. So far I’m just manually copying and appending the user’s handle to the “” prefix in the browser address bar. But there surely has to be an easier way.

For a brief period (a couple of months ago, perhaps), there was a link to the Codechef User Profile from the Discuss User Profile, but I guess it got lost during the last Codechef Discourse upgrade.


It’s still there, but it seems like it is only shown to logged in users currently.

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Hmm … I can’t see it on mine, but might be looking in the wrong place.

Can you post a screenshot? :slight_smile:

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Thanks - I see that on mine, now, but not on e.g. @ssvb 's:

@ssvb - would you mind signing in and out of

Oh my bad! It seems to be visible only for moderators :frowning: We will fix that soon.


It’s fixed.


Thankyou so much! :partying_face:

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