nCr % M where M is non-prime



How to find nCr % M where M is non-prime?
Please explain algo in detail.


^Clearly the doubt relates to the problem STDYTAB,part of the ongoing contest. Therefore no help will be provided. Figure it out on your own.


Discussion of strategies during ongoing contest is against codechef rules. So better stay away from this till contest ends.


I do not understand whether one should answer this question or not!
Well the guy is making no reference to any of the contest!
Can someone be clearer about the rule? @admin


Good that you now found it on our own. That is the character of a good coder. All the best…


I am not able to find the reply button on any of your posts above @ironmandhruv @apptica
But I believe that the question should be answered because the point of LONG is to learn! and its not that answering this question gives away the details of the question anyways


@urdarinda i also totally agree with you but since codechef has its own rules and regulations which could have an opposite impact on us so i thought helping after contest is more suitable


Well i know its related to ongoing contest but explaining this still wont reveal the most crucial part of the problem.
BTW, I figured it out on my own.


Then you have achieved the purpose of the problem, which simply was to figure out your problems yourself!

Happy that you did it! :slight_smile:


PS: This is indirectly related to June Long


I will share my method after the contest is over.


yes, clearly going from “plz explain algo in detail”, a lot of learning is taking place. Clearly it is a part of the problem and answering him would have stopped him from finding the answer himself(which is entirely the point of the Long).
The part that I find most funny is, you yourself have not solved the problem, yet feel that answering this question will not give away the details of the question.