NCR online test result declared

When will be the interviews of NCR
Any idea ??

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Did you get any separate mail or is it just the confirmation from hackerearth ?

Its from hackerearth


I think you need to change the heading!


Why ?


Did hackerearth mail you personally … or u saw on contest page…

On contest page

i got shortlisted too.

can you share the link here ?

Open in desktop mode

How many problems did you solved

i solved all three.
you didn’t solved all?

How 3
There were 2 coding problems

oh sorry 2
disappearing array,
sorting prime and composite in place
sorry again,

Any idea about further interviews Or it is fake ??

don’t know, most of these are fakes.

@ash_201 @sahai_harshit I was also selected and had an interview in Feb 2020 but haven’t received the result of the interview or anything after that. Can you please share your experiences?