Need a little help for guidance

So I been coding in python for 3 months and I hate that I don’t like any questions related to linked list ,tree, stack. It may be sound stupid but ,Yes.
I started to hate these when I shifted from c to python. I was at friendly terms with these topics before but now these are like my weakness . I even able to solve any question . How to handle this quarrel of mine with these topics.
Any advice is welcome
About me :- Cse college student and I like programming.

You are probably facing this problem because, you haven’t been practicing on these problems, or you fear seeing those problems. Just start to do those problems (with easy difficulty level). If you have forgotten the concept of those topics, then it is a better idea to revise them and then do the problems.

Switching to another language may have some impact on the interest towards some topic, as the implementation may simpler in one and complicated in another, or it may be easily understandable in one and a little tricky in another. So find out which language you are comfortable with and stick on to it. It is better to stay with one language and get better at it in every aspect, rather than knowing little in multiple languages.


thanks for the reply , i try to revise topic once again.