Need Advice for the job title

Hello everyone!
I had currently done an internship and I was a part of Data Warehousing team (this team is random i.e. they selected this team for us) during this period. While doing the internship I feel that this is not the right place I supposed to be. I didn’t enjoyed it much. During the whole internship I never felt that I am doing the right things. Don’t know why!

Just wanted to know from you all that what do you feel is the good team in an organization where we need to apply this algorithm skills or atleast have the environment on brainstorming a particular problem.

I don’t know if I conveyed my thoughts clearly to you all.
And I request if you think that the question is SHIT then please ignore this but it’s a request not to downvote it untill someone replies.

@vijju123 @taran_1407 @vivek_1998299 please share your thoughts


I did my internship at Microsoft this summer and got the Graphics team there. If you feel yourself to be a top notched debugger, who can find the error in the 1500 line code (testing starts only after everything is written as all parts are interdependent on another) and the only thing telling if it worked or not is the blank screen on monitor or your object being rendered (no debuggers!) then Computer Graphics is for you :smiley:

I have mixed stand on work in development. Like I know we wont be using most of those weird-tree data structures which we do for harder problems of ICPC/Long and feel wasted about it, I am also laaaaaaaaazy and will probably not refuse if my manager says he will pay me for just being there :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you go into a full fledged project, you’d have many interesting problems. Mostly being synchronization (eg- 2 or more users editing same line/word in doc), deadlocks (why is your program causing a deadlock after 5 minutes?) , mysterious crashes in release build (wait, did you forget to do garbage collection?). But nothing like make a segment tree, suffix tree or anything.