I love competitive programming but I am bad at it, even after a year. What should I do? I am currently in 3rd year, and want to pursue higher studies via GATE.

increase your practise time .solve more questions than you were solving earlier.

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I had been in a similar situation too. Choose one, thats the wisest thing. If you try to go for placements and also GATE, chances are high, you will end being mediocre in both, as both required intense preparation. You should focus, why you want to do GATE. If it is for research/similar domain, go ahead. If it is for placements, then surely there is some advantage of M.Tech from IITs, after B.Tech if good companies don’t come to your college.


I wouldn’t say that. It can be seen performance has certainly improved, from your rating graph.

If you want to become better, upsolve problems after each contest, read the editorial for the entire problem set, and practice questions that are a little harder for your level.

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I have always been research oriented in my early days, and do it as a career. Only mass recruiters come for placements, and in this scenario, i dont think it will remain the same way. I am in 3rd year. Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

Thanks for the reply