Need career advice

Hello everyone. I am from India and I need a career advice, Out of college I worked for 3years as a software engineer and took a break of 1year, now I want to get back to a job and wondering what jobs/companies would suit me(as a competitive programmer). Sorry for this out of place question. I felt like this is the only forum that can understand me. Cheers.

If you like the rigor of competitive programming then any organization working on core software engineering things might be exciting for you. Jobs related to backend engineering at a company with enough scale or a ML/AL Research team are some which comes to my mind.

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I am in the same boat as you but my situation is kinda worse. I worked for 14 months and took a break of around 2 years for UPSC preparation. When I realized it’s not for me, I started competitive programming and grinding leetcode and right now I am in a service based organization. I did clear technical round of some product based companies but at the end of the day they care more about the gap and lack of industrial experience due to the gap. Lets see what happens. I will keep grinding