Need Guidance for GOOGLE KICKSTART 2020

Hi All,
What topics u need to know and be good at it.

“perfect” maybe is a little too ambitious :grin:

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I will also participate in this one(my First one). Need suggestion.

You can try to follow our editorialist steps… he finished the whole round of kick start in the same time it takes me to read one of the statements :see_no_evil:


Hearty Congratulations to @tmwilliamlin for winning Google Kickstart A :slight_smile:
Could we expect video explanations at a later date?


I was unable to take part in round A of kickstart ,I want to ask that is I’m able to take part in other round of kickstart?
Is every round is more difficult compare to its previous round??

All rounds independent to each other :).

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@tmwilliamlin Sir, please make a video tutorial for the problem “Workout” with wide explanation. It would be great help.

How can I print a single output while there is multiple output for a single input? Please help. I tried to solve the problem of Codejam 2019 qualification round.
Here is the Question link:
Multiple output for 1 input is true in this problem. Then which output should I print?

It is guaranteed that at least one solution exists. If there are multiple solutions, you may output any one of them. (See “What if a test case has multiple correct solutions?” in the Competing section of the FAQ. This information about multiple solutions will not be explicitly stated in the remainder of the 2019 contest.)

What if a test case has multiple correct solutions?

If a test case has multiple correct solutions, you may output any one of them. Some statements may tell you to break ties in a specific way or give the solution in a specific order, in which case you have to abide by those rules. If after applying every rule about choosing a solution and formatting it in the statement there are still multiple options, then

They said I can output any one of them. Thanks I get it! Now, I understand where was I wrong.

Did you read the question?, It clearly states that a and b should not have 4 in their decimal representation.

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