Need guidance regarding solving problems in contest

In a programming contestant I see some of the contestants are able to solve the problem very fast, how do they do it?

Do they have a ready-made template in the solution class which has an implementation of all complex algorithms and they just use it without really implementing the algo by themselves?

For eg if something is based on finding inversions they use some function from the template & get the inversions?
Or is there a way to create your own library or use someone else lib and import in the solution class to be used in some contest?

Will these approaches work in a coding interview?

Please provide some guidance. If this kind of question is already answered then please provide the reference link.

By practicing so many questions , their thinking improves , also by typing so much code typing speed also increases .

Most of the times yes , see if u know algorithm and how to use that algo then u can use code which is available on net (before contest).

How this can work in interview , in interview u have to write code in front of interviewer , so u have to practice according to that.

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