Need Help I am beginner

Hello community I am a beginner and I am passionate to learn and move forward in competitive programming. I code in Python3 I wanted to get some guidance and searched for some Youtube Channel or Website which gives solutions editorials and tutorials on competitive Programming. There are very good channels but all in C++ or Java, Can anybody recommend any website or youtube channel for PYTHON COMPETITIVE PROGRAMMING!
Thanks a lot in advance!

It should not necessarily be a youtube channel
It can be a website also I just need editorials solutions and tutorials!

Actually I also code in Python, but it is true that there exist no such channel which completely focus on Competitive programming with Python.
The best way to learn CP with python is by looking at the other Pythonier’s solutions.
This is what I followed from last year

Why not just learn C++ ? It’s better in the long run.


You can learn from edx.
Their are some course which is taught by Harvard university, MIT, Microsoft.

Is there no website also @first_semester . Where people have uploaded python solution with explanation cause I get very confused when I look at others code

@hetp111 Thanks for suggesting C++ I already know Python3 so I feel its better to make my python very strong rather than starting a new language

@jash94 thanks for suggesting that but that is a course as I told before I wanted solutions and explanation of coding competitions which I think would not be available on edx. But If you are aware of such course which provides solution of competition can you send the link?

Go and explore

@amit724 Thanks a lot for the resource!

probably not, for each question you have to look for the Python submissions and find the best solution with the best time limits

Geeksforgeeks has a Python DSA Course. You may try it. However CP is an art of Problem Solving and is not dependent on any language. It is 60% Problem Solving and 40% programming. Don’t run after different languages. Pick one up and start Competing.
Have Fun!

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Thanks a lot! I will surely do so!!:slight_smile: