Need help in codeforces div2 round 672 problem A

This was my 1st submission to the problem however it failed in test case 2 . Can someone plz help in finding the bug ?

Question link -

Solution link -

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You can see the editorial… & as per your code…you should cut off the reverse and sorting part…and if(a[i]!=b[i]) change it with a[i]>=a[i+1] and run the loop from i=0 to i=n-1

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If all values are distinct and input is in descending order only then the answer is “NO”. otherwise answer is “YES”. You are checking second condition with “flag”. But there is a bug for the first condition. You should try “s.size() < n” (it means there is at least one duplicate value). Hopefully it will be accepted then. :blush:

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my submission gave TLE for test 19 i think

if numbers are in stricktly decreasing order then “NO” otherwise “YES”

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For the answer to be “NO”, two conditions should be strictly satisfied

  1. The sequence should have all unique numbers

  2. The sequence should be in sorted in the non-increasing order
    If you want your code to work properly use just change to the condition below:-

    if(flag==0 && s.size()==n)

Tip: Use “\n” instead of endl for faster printing :slight_smile:

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Thnx man , just a change in sign woukd have saved me from rewriting the entire code.