Need help in SPOJ DELIVER

I am trying to solve SPOJ DELIVER question
from past 3-4 days but I can’t think of anything in this except maybe Dijkstra?. Can someone please provide some explanation about how to solve this problem?
I would appreciate it. :sweat_smile:

click “solution” for “Delivery Route”

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I couldn’t find anything on google anywhere no matter how much I searched. Didn’t expect that. Thanks a lot :sweat_smile:

(Now I maybe understand why same blog on Codeforces was downvoted).

I found it because the source was a USACO problem (“resource” on the right sidebar in SPOJ), and I don’t think it would be easy to find by googling unless you added “USACO” as a keyword. No worries.

Oh Right. I will be careful next time. Thanks again :v: