Need help regarding use of c++ template

Hello all, Hope you guys doing good. I need help regarding a good source to learn the use of templates in c++ can anybody link any good source so that I can use it in my codes. I have a little bit of idea about templates in c++.
Thanks in Advance

You add template according to your convinience. Here’s mine-

using namespace std;

#define fast ios_base::sync_with_stdio(false);cin.tie(NULL);cout.tie(NULL)

typedef long long ll;

typedef double dd;

#define pb push_back

#define mp make_pair

#define endl “\n”

#define double long double

ll const M = 1000000007;

dd const pi = acos(-1);

ll const inf = 9e18;

ll const N = 10007;

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I know this part bro i am asking about template functioning in c++ which we use to generalise out datatype in functions and we can do many more things.

This maybe of your use Templates


this is helpful thank you so much