Need help to increase coding knowledge

I am doing coding for about 6-7 months now and I have done about 200 question in codechef alone and most of them are in beginner level I have learned vector,sets,map ,pair and more topics in the way but now after solving almost all problem in beginner level I went ahead and tried Easy problem but not able to solve them.Please give me some advice how can I become better in coding and willing to give my whole time to this…
And also I am not able to improve my rank from 4 month as I am stuck at 2 star I really want to improve and increase my rank and star.

have you learned any ds like stacks, queues, trees,graphs?

See leave codechef and go to codeforces.solve first 30 800 tag problems,30 900 tag problems,30 1000 tag problems.continue this process until 1600 tag problems meaning if you solve 250 problems by above procedure you are able to do general problems using stl library.stay motivated do hard work.

Think in this way you may feel some people may go to 3 or 4 star in just one long challenge and you feel that he is extraordinary person I accept to your point but you may reach his level in 6 months or 1 year if you do hard work you will reach his position but it takes more time for you to get to that point.just do hard work tq…

By the way im also 2star coder I was following above procedure only

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don’t give only rated contests.I will suggest to participate in unrated contests which are hosted by different colleges for more practice.Just go to contests section in codechef .you will find more future contests…

yes I know about stacks queues and trees. And now a days I am studing about graphs.

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Follow the link below to get a better insight of the syllabus usually followed in competitive programming. It’s not complete, but it’s enough to make you a competitive programmer:

There are other sites too like Codeforces, Hackerearth, SPOJ, AtCoder, Hackerrank where you can practice a hell lot of questions

well, learn all the basic dsa and more like graphs, disjoint set union, tries,segment trees, different types of dp etc and then start doing hella problems of every topic…also dont forget to upsolve