Need Help With Personal Issue

Hello CodeChef,

My username is sherrinford03 , When August Challenge started , i lost my phone and due to which i lost access to my Email id and codechef id . I couldn’t recover my old codechef id( sherrinford03 ) because i couldn’t access registered my email (that i couldn’t access due to lost verification sim card number) . So , i decided to make a new codechef id whose user name was localhost8090 with a new email-id. I submitted my submissions using new id (localhost8090) , after a few days i bought new sim cards with same number and was able to access my old email id , where my password was saved , so i re-submitted my submissions using my old id ( sherrinford03 ) to maintaining my ratings and after that i deleted my new id completely from codechef (thinking it would completely disappear from rank lists) but it didn’t.

Now the problem is that i’m afraid it would detect Plagiarism , but i didn’t cheat . So can you kindly help me with this. Please help! @admin

They not gonna listen your excuses and they’ll plagarised you for sure : |

You should have not submit the code with both ID’s.


you made all your submissions after u got ur such case u could have just sit silent(the ratings would have been maintained themselves).so u did this to increase your ratings and not i think some kind of greed involved.

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same thing happens with me but they pardon me because I delete my account during contest and re-create new this new account on the same email id…

But in your case you create new account on different email…that will an issue here

So you’re not new to codechef as you said in group :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m joking that time…I’m not new…my previous id was samarthtandon97 (which is now deleted)

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But i didnt cheat anything i wrote the codes myself and deleted the new account as soon as i got access to my old account

Isnt that why most of us do it , to compete with others ??? I didnt do anything that was unauthorized . I didnt cheat afterall they were my submissions , my code , my hardwork. @admin

But you shouldn’t have to submit the same code !

I did minor changes like var changes and added some comment

Now it depends on your luck but more chances are that you’ll be panalized