Need resources for Dynamic programming

Any one please suggest good resource for Dynamic programming and of course some practise problems

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Topcoder : Tutorial and problems to solve.

uhunt : There’s a dynamic programming section with classical and non classical DP problems. You can solve problems here while reading this book (this book explains some of the problems and gives some advice). You can also search for dynamic programming tags on Codechef.


according to yours need i think this link will definitely help you:


Can Any one give DP implementation of Paying up problem

Check this site . It has a large collection of problems according to the topics. The best thing about this site is that problems are classified level-wise.


Can any one suggest questions in increasing order of difficulty?

Thanks a lot !

uhunt has difficulty levels, so does Topcoder (

I simple subset sum algorithm would do.Since the limits are small a recursive algorithm also passes.

My solution :

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Yes I found it
Any way thanks !