Need Resources to learn and apply on trees

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Uptil now I have learnt basic topics of CP .
A couple of days ago i started working on DP, graph and trees .
I got plenty of resources and questions on DP and graph .
But in case of trees i am unable to find the algorithms
related to trees and questions on them
I tried CF tag but in tree section it hardly gave me 10-12 questions below 1300 level
which i solved easily . But questions above that level are felt difficult to me .
So plz tell me the algorithms related to tree and resources to learn them
video resources are prefferable and where i will get questions on tree .

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Most of the problems rated below 2000 require only bfs or dfs as the prerequisite. You should first learn how to manipulate these basic searches according to a specific problem.


Thx Bro .

DFS and BFS are the core things. Then some stuff like LCA using binary lifting, Euler tour, and using lazy segment tree on Euler tour should be enough for most easy-med problems.


Thx Bro .
This is the thing which i was wanted .
Really Thanks a lot .

If you want video resources you can check out apna collage c++ course. I think it’s good to see an animation for algo in work.

Thx Bro .
But i was needed advanced topics which are mentioned above .
I need topics for cp . These are of DSA i think .