Need some advice

Can someone suggest the topics that we should to know in bit manipulation and the resources from where to learn…Thanks in advance

I might not be the right or experienced person to say but, I have found some awesome bit manipulation tutorials by searching some myself and some from @aneesh2312 and @shahraaz.

To start with, if you don’t even know what bits are and how they work, you should definitely start with Bitwise Operators.

After that you should try to read Errichto’s Blog on CF - Part 01 - To get into more about basic bitwise operators and some good practice problems.

Now I think you should be confident enough about the bitwise operators and hop into The Topcoder Tutorial or Bitwise hacks for CP as an alternative to get more into what is possible to do with bits and stuff like that.

Now, you could continue reading Bit Tricks for Competitive Programming for another resource but the same essence of the Topcoder tutorial tho.

Now, I think after this you could dive into Part 2 of Errichto’s Blog in which he explains bitsets and some in-built C++ funtions.

Also you could refer this random but awesome blog on CF by DrSwad about XOR Technique for some problems, but it’s mostly about Gaussian Elimination modulo 2 or bitwise Gaussian Elimination.

After this I think you will be gtg imo, ofc you will have to practice similar problems :slight_smile:


thanks a lot bro for the info,your post is really helpful

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