I really need some help because I am not able to improve in CP even after 1 year of trying which is really demotivating me . Any suggestion would be very helpful for me.

I recommend you to practice in the following way (I am not saying it’s the perfect or the only way but it’s the way I started).

  1. First find the easiest problems and do around 10-15 of them to boost your confidence like try to finish them within ( 5-10 min).
  2. Find a bit harder problems like 1200-1300 rated on CF and finish them, you can solve as many as you like until you are comfortable.
    Similarly, increase the level of problems day by or week by week.

Must do things if you think that your codes don’t compile (in first attempt) or too large or error-prone -:

  1. Solve the question for like 30-40 min, if you still can’t solve look at the editorial read few lines, and think again for 15-20 min, still stuck look at full editorial think again 5-10 min and finally look at the editorial solution.
  2. After you solve some questions try to look at other people’s code how they write and try to understand how you can reduce the 100 lines into 40-50 ( because smaller code is easier to debug).
  3. Learn new items daily and definitely learn what new you encounter during the problem/editorial.

Be Positive and always solve a problem with a positive mindset
Good Luck and Have Fun!!