Need some suggestions(not related to cp)

Hello, I am a second yearite in CSE branch(would be in 3rd year now if not hit due to this pandemic). Since this is tough time for everyone. I am just a bit confused regarding my career.
I think the coming 1-2 years would be tough regarding placements and since I am not from any Tier 1/IITs, I have to apply offcampus for companies like Amazon and startups etc. And to be brutally honest, I think the recruit will be somewhat less than previous years. Afterall everyone wants to work with companies like Amazon.
I am just wondering, should I reduce my cp and start preparing for GATE, so that I can be on the safe side. I don’t want to end up with service based companies at the end. So which would be the best option, if anyone can suggest.
Thank you🙂


I know this is not the right platform to ask this. But please can anyone help

Worrying over this stuff is pretty normal. I am still studying so I will give you an example of one of my family member ( works at facebook ) -
He did not like studying at all - He scored 67% in 12th( He spend most of his time playing dota 2 with his friends ) and got to a local college in the city ( not even worth mentioning ) . At his 4th year at that college he realized that he was wasting his time too much and even after 4 years he didn’t had much experience in programming, as he - " I learned the code of bubble sort without having any idea how it worked ". In the last year he worked hard alone without any guidance from any professor and didn’t join any coaching or anything ( he said the professors themselves didn’t much ). He worked hard and got into IISC and after working on an open source project he was offered an interview by facebook ( which according to him was really easy ) . He told me as I have started serious programming ( he started seriously programming in IISC )before him I could do a lot better than him.
Same stands for you . All that matters is your interest . Given you have 24 hours a day, you can easily do both as long you don’t waste your time in playing video games or watching endless number of series, you should be just fine. Spend 4-5 hours on CP and rest of yours hours preparing for GATE .
Instead of worrying and asking again and again - DO SOMETHING . Put all your efforts into it and if you really enjoy CP , you might even get into amazon ( btw getting into amazon or google or facebook shouldn’t be your goal ).


This was a very good inspiration. Thank you. I will now really start DOING🙂

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Thanks for sharing!

Nicely explained