Need sorting based on difficulty level understanding

|Aho-Corasick-Algorithm|Riya Bansal|
|Backtracking|Sanket Singh|
|Binary Search|Deepak Gour|
|Binary Trees|Riya Bansal|
|Building Blocks of Programming|Arnab Chakraborty|
|Combinatorics|Himanshu Singh|
|Disjoint Set Union|Triveni Mahatha|
|Dynamic Programming Through Problem Solving|Arjun Arul, Himanshu Singh, Sidhant Bansal|
|Dynamic Programming - Sum over subset|Vivek Chauhan|
|FAANG Interview Problems|Sanket Singh|
|Fast Exponentiation and Recurrence Relations|Triveni Mahatha|
|Fenwick and Segment Trees|Surya Kiran|
|FFT in Polynomial operations and Advanced Combinatorics|Nishchay Manwani|
|Game Theory|Surya Kiran|
|Graph Algorithms|Triveni Mahatha, Himanshu Singh|
|Graph Interview Problems|Sanket Singh|
|Graph Theory (in Hindi)|Utkarsh Gupta|
|Graphs and its properties|Surya Kiran|
|Graphs using Problem Solving|Riya Bansal|
|Greedy Algorithms|Srikkanth|
|Hashing|Riya Bansal|
|Heaps|Rohit Mazumder|
|Internship Interview Problems|Sanket Singh|
|Interview Problem Solving on Sets and Hash Maps|Riya Bansal|
|Linked List Problems|Riya Bansal|
|Meet In The Middle Algorithm|Vivek Chauhan|
|Mysterious Topic Problems|Pulkit Chhabra|
|Number Theory|Himanshu Singh|
|OOPS in Java|Riya Bansal|
|Pattern Matching Algorithm|Riya Bansal|
|Probability and Expected Values|Triveni Mahatha|
|Recursion|Sanket Singh|
|Searching|Sanket Singh, Robin|
|Segment Trees|Utkarsh Gupta, Triveni Mahatha, Tanuj Khattar|
|Shortest Path Algorithms|Triveni Mahatha, Pulkit Chhabra|
|Spanning Trees|Rohit Mazumder, Pulkit Chhabra|
|Stack & Queues|Riya Bansal|
|Tips n Tricks of Competitive Coding|Arnab Chakraborty|
|Trees Algorithms|Himanshu Singh|
|Trees using Problems Solving|Riya Bansal|
|Trie Data Structure|Triveni Mahatha|

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you need knowledge of tries for Aho-Corasick?

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