Need suggestion regarding codeforces!

Hii everyone!! I wanna ask that recently I started practicing in Codeforces but I m not able solve even 800 rating problem…What should i do i really enjoy CP but when i m not able to solve a problem it make me frustated.plzz suggest something @ssrivastava990 @ssjgz @cubefreak777…plzz hlp :frowning_face:


practice.there is no other way


The level of questions on Codeforces is quite higher than any other platform, but it doesn’t mean you have to leave CP. Practice is the key, solve practice questions on Codeforces and participate in virtual contests.


Keep calm and Practice problems of 800-1100 rating daily; consistency is key to success; certainly, you will see progress.


See if you’re struggling to solve 800 level problems then it means that you have issues in coming up with basic logic and writing brute force solutions so you should first build this. I’d suggest you to leave codeforces for a while and shift to hackerrank. Solve ~100 implementation+basic math based problems and if you’re looking the editorial implement the solution by yourself. After this get back to codeforces hopefully you’ll be able to solve 800-1100 level problems.


Thnx for the reply…Well I m also thinking to solve Hackerrank now.

Thnx I will try my best :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah u r right bro…I will try more :slightly_smiling_face:harder

You Can Read CLRS Its The Bible Of Algorithms
And You Have To Practice Its The Only Key And Yes Do not switch platforms it will down your self confidence and practice on codeforces it will make you good in cp

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I feel you should stick to codeforces for now. I remember noticing my first major stage of improvement in cp when I started spam solving a bunch of 800-1200 level problems. Editorials for these problems should be very much understandable even if you can’t solve a problem.

I can’t comment about hackkerrank for logic building since i never did it but I believe that you should first be able to build logic for atleast 800-1000 level problems in cf before learning any ds, algo. Infact in my opinion this should be the first thing one should do after learning c++ and stl. Whatever ds and algo you learn, if you cant build logic its useless.


I wont recommend to start reading DSA through CLRS until you are somewhat familiar with basic Data Structures and Mathematics.

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@anon56372140 Yes, You Are Right But If He Is Good In Maths And Basic DSA He Will Follow CLRS
BTW Its Not That Much Hard

Try this : GitHub - YashKumar2001/ProblemsHunter.
This takes a rating lets say 800 and finds all the problem that have been solved most and is not solved by you.
Practicing this way is much more beneficial.

@jalotra He Can Do On Its Own Why There’s Need This Program :rofl: :joy:

do a2oj problem set and try solving problem A of all recent codeforces contest you can easily find tutorial for each one of them in youtube easily.
good luck.

I don’t want to know the problem that I am solving. If it pops up and I get a link, I am good to go.

Then You Can Use That @jalotra