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Hi, I want to be a Competitive programmer and currently I am learning C++ . Please you give some suggestions on what are the specific topics that I should learn in C++ and DSA for Competitive programing . It will be a great help.

You can start off with solving problems based on basic data structures like Arrays, Queues and Stacks. Then proceed with Advanced Data Structures like Trees, Graphs and so on.
You might also want to solve problems based on Search, Sort, Hash algorithms.

This link answers your question.

*small correction, Trees, Graphs are not advanced data-structures.

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First, start with very basic Data-structures, I would suggest hackerrank for initial 3-4 weeks till you get comfortable with the whole thing.

see this site.
follow the ladder and topic-wise questions diligently it’ll be really helpful.
After this, you would be able to judge yourself what must be done.

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