Need team members for google hash code

Hi Guys,
I’m looking for team member or someone has a place in their team then reply here.

Do you solve the practice problem?


I solved it.

I would like to join.

@pg21priyanka share your discord id

Hi if you are still looking for team mates I am also looking! My discord is cfalas#7182. You can also send me a message on codeforces (cfalas)

if anyone else wants to join team share their discord id


bro please reply asap

@anon77088057 check discord .


Positions left?

@bafnayash yup share your discord id

I would like to join


@bafnayash share your last four digits also like yashbafna04# then four digits

is there space in your team? Can I join?


@dindayal soory bro all slots are filled