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hello fellow reader. I’m in the middle of my 4th sem and I have decided to do CP to get a good placement. I’m from ECE and I don’t have any prior CP knowledge or experience. I only know C and some basic very DSA. As I’m doing this only to get a good placement, I wanna know from you guys that how much time will it take to become a 6* coder at CodeChef? Is it too late for me to start now?

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I don’t think doing this only to get a good placement is a goal good enough for 6 stars. Leetcode contests would help you a lot more in that regard. Anyways, if you want to become a 6 star coder, this is what you have to do-

  1. aim for longs, yeah, to become 6 stars using short only would require very high ranks in rated contests, and not even average coders can achieve that. You are too late anyway.
  2. while doing longs, try solving for urself, and not copy codes. For 6 stars, u need top 50 div 1 rank, which means u need to solve at least 1 more problem than 5 star coders. And you have to be good at googling+problem solving+critical thinking to do that. Some people might argue that group of good coders can solve those problems, but the other members of the group have to equally good for that(not possible everywhere).
  3. try cf. They have very good adhoc problems which make you think out of the box. And it will help you build ur pace(speed is the key to cp).
  4. become strong in everything. Learning DS algo is cool but the hard problems don’t require very common algorithms. So, keep reading, practicing and learning.
  5. Pray. Yeah, pray that you are lucky to have a very good contest where you can solve more problems than the above-average coders.
  6. Once you reach 6 star, don’t participate anymore(or you can, if you grow a love for cp). Most people do this, and they say that they have become very busy and don’t have time for cp.
  7. Practice, practice and practice. Yeah there is no shortcut, even the geniuses on top of ranklists practice, and they fail more times than we try. And give contests, otherwise ur rating wont change, ever.
    This is my personal opinion.

If you are aiming for good placement, LeetCode is a better platform to start.


Let me tell you I cracked up


6th point is so accurate lmao. This happens when people reach CM on Codeforces too :stuck_out_tongue:
Very well explained tho.

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thank you so much everyone for all the advises, i really appreciate it a lot. It’s a very lovely and helpful committee here :heart:

i can relate to this a lot as i myself wanna do this :sweat_smile: i have planned that I’ll give my 3 sems totally to CP and atleast be 6* in Codechef and Master in CF.

cm/6 stars is still acceptable, but there are people who stop doing cf after becoming expert using a div 3, or get kicked out in the next div 2. And then they write-expert(max) on codeforces


thank you so much for the expert advise. I didn’t expected that a 6* star would help a non rated newbie :sweat_smile:.

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I think you waited long enough to have an answer like this😂

But nice points!

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no, I saw it and answered instantaneously

wdym by tooo late?

I meant your answer was so good that it might have took a long time preparing it…

I mean that will i be able to achieve my goal of becoming a 6* star coder at Codechef before my placement stats ?

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