Needed some help

so I have used python for quite a while now but am recently thinking of switching languages…

i have heard python is not good for CP as many DS are difficult to implement

but i haven’t found any particular use for C++ or java (expect for backend)
(like through python you can do ML, a bit of web and also something in data science )

so i am really confused as to should i switch or stay in python…

For CP , I think you should switch to C++ , the main reasons are that most of the good sites where you will read about DSA will have code written in C++/C , Although if you know java you can get a idea of how it is implemented , but having an exact Code is different .
The another reason is C++ STL which provide vast variety of DS
Then I think the main reason to switch from Python for you should be that although CC provides a time factor multiplication for python , but many a times even after considering them Python is slow , And then there are also sites like Codeforces which doesnt give you extra time for slower languages .

ya but DSA are supposed to be the basics right…
so wouldn’t make sense to do DSA in c++ and then just leave it and do development in other language

DSA are supposed to increase your problem solving ability and C++ will be beneficial in it , switching from one language to another language , if you know both the languages, is easier that what you think .

then ill try doing it in c++…