Negative rating after solving 5 questions

In this May Long Challenge I solved 5 questions still I got -38.I was 2 star before the latest two competitions and I was not able to answer any question in last starter and in this long challenge I answered 5 questions still I got a minus?

you should not solve long challenges for ratings because their rating mechanism is kinda inflated (?) I guess that’s because of plagiarism?

Bro I dont know what.This is too much demotivating.Solving questions for 3 days and then getting a minus is too much.

Hey @codersidhant -

  1. Your rating is dependent on your expected performance in a contest
  2. Your expected performance is dependent on how other users in the contest perform → for example - you can check how many users solved 5 questions here - CodeChef

So the ratings drop just means that given other users and their rating and their performance in the contest → you were expected to do better / solve more questions. Don’t get demotivated - just keep practicing and competing.