Negligible rating changes

I don’t understand what is wrong with this rating system, when I started STARTERS55C, my rating was 1507 and despite solving 6 questions in 2 hours and 11 minutes and getting a rank of 45, my rating only increased by 9 points. The rankholders below me had a much higher rating increase despite them having an already higher rating than me at the beginning of the contest. Please look into this matter and help me out.

This is making participating in contests a much disappointing affair as there is little to none reward despite working so hard during a contest. Anybody else facing the same issue?

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@anon88958444 - checking this. Will come back to you.

Thank you @hrishik85, please revert as soon as possible.

Please update on this situation, it’s been over 3 days.

4 days and counting, please reply soon.

@anon88958444 - so your ELO rating increased by 50 in the current contest.
Your display rating will converge to your ELO rating in the next 4 - 5 contests - currently your display rating is higher than ELO → hence the increase in display rating was marginal.
You can read more about the ELO MMR ratings system in the thread - Elo-MMR ratings go live on CodeChef!

Display elo_rating
1519 1248
1562 1403
1559 1443
1525 1437
1524 1447
1590 1495
1536 1502
1670 1552
1609 1534
1667 1565
1669 1564
1698 1569
1695 1569
1801 1599
1526 1327
1507 1368
1516 1418

So, my display rating should start increasing by a significant margin when my ELO surpasses it, right?

@anon88958444 Correct - Once your rating converges to ELO - your display rating / ELO will be a pure function of your contest performance.

Can you please explain the rating changes in this scenario:-
Consider this rank list CodeChef , look at the one who got rank 2 and one who got rank 8, before this contest rating of rank 2 = 1879 and rating of rank 8 was 1983, after the contest one who got rank 2 got an increment in the rating of 58 while one who got rank 8 got an increment of 165. Isn’t the difference a lot ? in my case as well my previous rating was 1860 after getting rank 46, I got an increment of just 19. Can you please justify @hrishik85