New announcement notification

Why can’t Codechef implement a feature to give a popped notification whenever a new announcement is posted regarding a live contest?

It’s so frustrating to see a major update after the contest ends, which could’ve helped you to solve the problem.

Another minor suggestion: “Would you like to receive notifications for the latest news and updates?”. Please stop asking this every time I open Codechef.
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Spam the comments section whenever you have doubts, this works for me most of the times :upside_down_face:

This is the first feature I asked for as an admin - and the reason CodeChef does not have it right now is because, there is no concept of “Contest Registrations”.

So how would you display the notifications to only the participants of the contest? Basically, it requires non-trivial infrastructure change and the way contests are held - and CodeChef said that they would try to introduce the feature, but it might take time.


I think that anyone with at least one submission in the contest is a good proxy for someone who may be required to be notified about the announcement in real time.
For people who make their first submission after the announcement, they can be notified once they make their first submission.
For people who aren’t going to submit anything. they don’t need any notification as they won’t get any rating delta due to the contest.

Maybe not as ideal as contest registrations but I think it’s a reasonable workflow without changing infrastructure for the time being.

Much needed update. Even in the last cook-off contest, the statement was updated for a problem, which I realized almost an hour later, when I opened the comments section.

The whole time, I was trying to understand the sample testcases and was thinking that I might be going wrong :slightly_frowning_face: . I hope they finally decide to implement the pop-up notification feature.