New blog for Competitive Programmers

Hey guys I have started a new blog. The first article is on dfs lowlinks . You can read it up here.
Feel free to comment if anything is wrong or suggest any changes you want me to make. Also feel free to suggest topics you want me to write some article on . Thanks. :smiley:


Great initiative soham. please continue it in future too.

And suggested topics from my side:

Hamiltonian paths and cycles using bitmasking

advance graphs algorithms like Centroid and heavy light decomposition.

advance DP algorithms.


Great initiative @soham1234. And the suggested topic is
Matrix Exponentiation and its use in the different forms.


Nice initiative. Please consider HLD in one of your future posts!

Heavy Light Decomposition – ALL ABOUT COMPETITIVE PROGRAMMING . Done. Do read and give feedbacks . Also feel free to suggest improvements . :smiley:


Suggested Topics :

DP on trees(You can explain it using different contest question and not the same question which darkshadows explained in his blog)

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Suggested topic : Trie
Thanks for the effort :slight_smile:

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@soham1234 it would be really helpful if you can write about grundy numbers…I have read gfg but could not understand properly. Or if you can provide some other source which might help me.

@soham1234, Isn’t there any option of subscribing your blog, so that I could get notification whenever you post something new?

Great work @soham1234. Keep up the good work!!

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Nice initiative.Please if possible make a post on flows,and types of sums related to it.


if possible make one for DP with bit masking also


@soham1234 Topic=Digit DP


Wonderful work @soham1234

Personally, i would say, that you should write a blog on generating functions, with reference to RNG problem, if you can.

Anyways, Nice work. Waiting for your next blog.


I think there must something about improvement.
Like I now feel saturation in my rank and knowledge.
How to learn more and do tricky question which are based on little difficult topics like medium difficulty DP, maths and advance DS and hard implementations.

One more request:

Please add Parallel Binary search too. It is one of those topics which are difficult to understand and has very less resources available on internet.

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Hi guys. New post on bridge tree is up. You can find it here .


Great Work.

Can you create a playlist of say 100 problems to master dp? Dp is a very vast topic and a guide will be really helpful to a lot of people including me, I guess.

new youtube channel for competitive programming
Go code

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Good, precise writing. Great Effort !! One Suggestion: Can you make all articles in a tree structure along with your homepage (I guess word press gives that option: Ref:Tree Sitemap (Pages, Posts & Categories list) – WordPress plugin | or Github Readme file.

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