New Extension for Atcoder!

Hey everyone at CodeChef!!

Codeforces is a really well structured website, it is really easy to navigate to a problem and track your peers.

Atcoder on the other hand, though it does has some cool features feel hollow when compared to Codeforces. It is like being surrounded by walls.

So I have implemented a few features which are already present on Codeforces in AtCoder. I used Kenkoooo API to fetch rating for each problem and did get some inspiration from CF Analytics. Here are the features and the link to extension of course!!

Link for the extension: AC Analytics

Key Features

  1. Activity Calander : Is added to better track your progress like in Github and Codeforces.

  2. Problems Solved by Rating : See what you had been solving and up solve when needed.

  3. Unsolved Problems : Easily identify and tackle unsolved problems to improve your skills.

  4. Submission History: Access your submissions and others enabling you to monitor everyone’s performance

  5. Additional Stats: Gain valuable insights with a range of extra statistics.

  6. Bookmark Problems: Save problems for later review or practice, ensuring you never lose track of important

  7. Problem Set with Filters: Browse and filter all problems from the AtCoder platform to find exactly what you need.

  8. Daily Reminders: Set daily reminders to stay consistent and disciplined in your problem-solving practice.


  • 2/7/24: Reported bugs fixed, filter by solved problems added, option to disable rating in task page is added.
    CP companion extension still doesn’t work, will look into it.

Please do suggest if any features are needed and report any bugs if found! As far as I know the reminders has some trouble working consistently which I’ll fix on the next patch.

Thanks for reading this blog :slight_smile:

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