New Feature - WA Test cases

It Is Taking More Than Usual, Your Result Will Come Soon…

Nice Feature, this would be very much helpful.

There was an issue with the test case finder. It is fixed now. You can try again.

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Actually thats a really good feature :slight_smile: … because till now we never knew where we are failing and giving a test case to check our corner cases would be great … and the best part we won’t be given a full testcase that requires a lot of time , but the case where it gave WA… nice :slight_smile:

Bestest update till now, appreciable feature. :grin:


Hey guys, wouldnt this make competitive programming a pay to win?:thinking:

@itsmemayank - common man. Have some faith in us. Contests will be a free arena.

I feel they should limit the number of times one can use this feature in a month. Say, around 20 free debugs and then charge based on the usage :joy:.


Thanks MasterChef. I’m sure this feature attracts more people to solve the problem, who generally have no idea after getting WA repeatedly. Keep Coding, have your moral high while solving tougher problems. Thank you…


It is a very useful feature. Often I have understood the solution of a problem which uses a different approach, but without understanding where exactly was my approach going wrong. This feature will calm many frustrated minds.

Finally …
Thanks chef.

I really like this idea… since most people would like >20 debugs a month, this would sufficiently incentivize premium imo

In my opinion codechef was already best coding website because of sufficient time to solve problems and the discussions are always relevant unlike codeforces. And now this feature

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very nice

This feature has some bug. I found this in today’s cookoff contest.

For this submission Solution: 68182601 | CodeChef , WA test case either seems to be displaying wrong cases OR some problem with test cases for the problem.

Thanks for reporting. We’ll look into this edge case.

Your code basically fails on a file with 2 ‘small’ test cases, followed by 2 large test cases. And your code doesn’t print anything for the 2 large cases.

Thanks for reporting. We’ll check and update here.

This should be fixed now. Please check.

@technocrate_69 your program works perfectly when run on individual test case separately but fails when all test cases are run .
There might be issue with your global variables.