New Feature - WA Test cases

Nice feature, i understand why it is a paid feature, however i think it would be nice a “debug WA test case” for free daily, at least the first one. or 7 per week ,whatever works best.

Now that this thing becomes premium I can’t even find my corner cases … forever.

it is not even able to find the test cases that were not satisfied after debugging so why did i even take the premium pack

Hey @srujan21630, If you are talking about your submission on BROKPHONE problem, then I think the problem is that you have included boost library which is not supported by our test case finder. If you remove the library header and then try, you should get the Wrong answer test case.

I will also add this library to our test case finder. Let me know if you still face any issue.

For those who cannot afford Premium, what should they do ?

@pro_god - we have tried to setup the content on the platform in a manner such that primary features are available to all users.

  • problems, other’s submissions, learning component of our courses are available for all users for free
  • Additional features (WA, Hints, Video editorials) and Practice / Quiz component of the courses are available only for Pro users

Hopefully the free components of the platform will provide you sufficient resources to learn / practice.