new in competitive programming

I am new in programming activities like contests which are held online. I just started learning coding and I have participated in one of the coding competitions in our university. I just want to ask if I still have to check the restrictions/constraints for test cases given in the problems. In the competition that I joined, its not verbally implemented but they marked the answers wrong if you dont check for the restrictions. How about online/international competitions? Is it necessary to check for the restriction given?

You dont have to check in your code but you have to keep it in mind. Suppose a problem says you have to take 10^6 numbers as input in the worst case and u declare an array of say 1000 while making your code (without looking at the constraints) then you will get a wrong answer. Constraints are there to make you sure of the bounds of memory you need to keep in mind while making your code.


No. The test files do not contain invalid input . Inputs are always in the range mentioned in the constraints .