New Lightweight IDE for Competitive Programming

I have been developing an IDE for competitive programming. We need to change input quickly, compile/run files quickly, might even switch languages. I have tried to solve these in Desk.
All reviews appreciated :slight_smile:



Neat and fast! :slight_smile: \m/

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I can’t compile and run on my computer. Is my step wrong?

@loopfree Okay. Please share your language compiler version. If possible, open an issue on the repo with some technical details(os version, language used) and I’ll try fixing it there.
PS: I’m removing the Mac version, it has got a lot of bugs that I didn’t see.

That’s an awesome IDE. Such lightweight and fast!:star_struck::star_struck:


Stuck on here…

Link for the .deb in broken. Redirects to

Linux(.deb) file is missing from MediaFire.

@gigawhiz Just fixed it. Thanks for the update.

@s5960r Um… okay. I’m sorry, i’m gonna disable the mac version for now. I’ll update here again when its ready.

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My system is Win10, which is also infinitely compiled and run.

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It’s still not there (" Something appears to be missing…")

I changed the builds recently. Please visit GitHub - svr8/Desk: Light-weight ide for competitive programming. for the updated links.

Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.