New Question based on Is books of C/C++ of Yashavant Kantekar is not good


is Carl Herold removed is website (Carl’s WEbsite)

as i had checked it if yes

so pls if u know is new website than tell me and Is Bucky Roberts( is teach all required concepts

Hey if you are new to programming take a look at this website MY CODE SCHOOL. This is really an awesome upcoming website setup by Animesh Nayan and Harsha Suryanarayan-(who was the best Indian Pprogrammer, unfortunately he is no more) for beginners and covers many topics ranging from basic computer programming related videos to Data Structures and Algorithms! It also contains many questions which might help in the coding interviews too. If you like to visualize and learn then this is the best website as far as i know!
Simplified the simplified form!

Happy Coding


If you are new to programming then Bucky’s videos are good. If you are already familiar with some language, then Bucky’s videos will be too tedious.

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Dude if you have something regarding this question please post it here! Please don’t open a new question for each sub-question. And as far as i know this website is the best! This has video lectures man! That too in the most simplified manner! You can’t expect someone to teach you in a better way! All the best!