New Rating System CodeChef

Hello Coders CodeChef has announced the New Rating System .
This Rating System will be applicable from the New year.

Check here the Division System ( Div1, Div2, Div3)


Are the new divisions only valid for long challenges? @admin I wish there were 3 divisions for short challenges as well cause 1st que. in short contests is hard itself for bottom-line 4 stars.

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New Divisions are for all contest. long and short both

I thnk this will work for beginners like me… :smiley:

Is there any system like codeforces, where only trusted participants are included in the ranklist?

As an experiment, we plan to host rounds of simplified complexity (Div. 3). In such rounds, the official results will include participants with ratings less than 1600. We plan to include in these rounds simple training problems that will help beginner participants to gain skills and to get new knowledge in a real contest. Since even in the Div. 2 rounds regularly some Div. 1 users register new account and take high place, we also expect such unsportsmanlike behavior in the Div. 3 rounds. We will exclude from the official standings of Div. 3 rounds and put in a separate rooms all those who can’t be reliably called to be a real participant. Accounts that materially participated in less than 2 rating rounds (materially means solved at least one problem there) before the start of the Div. 3 rounds, and those who have ever gained 1900 or more rating units will not get into the official standings and will be assigned to separate rooms. However, this does not mean that there is no rating recalculation for them. Thus, the rating will be updated for all users whose rating is strictly less than 1600 at the time of the start of a round. Perhaps we will experiment with the definition of who should be considered a reliable Div. 3 participant.

If not, then nothing stops anyone from making a new account and getting a good rank in a div 3 contest.

I think you can participate unofficially.

Yeah, I know that. But like I said, nothing stops me from creating a new account and taking part officially.

Sure, you can do that. I’m confused so as to how that will matter to you.

It happens a lot in codeforces. People take part officially with an alt. I think that there should be something similar here too, so that the number of alts gets reduced.

I don’t think so. On cf, you just need 2 contests to become trusted. Even if not trusted, you’re still rated.


But this shouldn’t be the reason to worry for the participants who are competing fairly. Sure the rating will increase little slowly but it shouldn’t matter whether we reach a certain rating in x contests or x+2 contests.

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But here you see, only 2 divisions are mentioned.

Well , I think this is the best decision made till now , cause people like me who are nearer to 4 star or have reached 4 star just now will get to know where they stand as many people used to create alt accounts and participate in div2 for prizes.

I completely agree with this statement.
I have seen so many coders which have multiple accounts(4-5) . Whenever there is a contest with prizes in div2 they create a new ID and won that prize also the coders in div2 did not get the exact rank.