New to C programming


Hi ,

I am very New to c Programming.

Is there any path which i should follow.

If any one has got any links kindly do share it.



look at this

Practice- Practice - and Practice!!!

Participate in each contest and remember do not demotivated if you are not able to solve rather practice a lot on SPOJ to make yourself better and capable for solving problems…!!

And as you asked for links:

Check this thread too: How can a beginner learn programming? - help - CodeChef Discuss

For algorithms:

And Welcome to this community, Hope you enjoy coding…!! :slight_smile:

Try This Also

If you are new to the language itself (i.e. you do not know the concepts of language thoroughly), a good thing for you right now would be to start with … make an account on it and start solving the easiest problems, sorted by the number of solvers… solve the first 50-60 most solved problems and then move on to participating in contests on codechef, codeforces, topcoder, hackerrank etc., learn new algorithms, and solve problems specific to them on