New to programming

Hey there? I’m new to programming looking forward to learn C language any help would be highly appreciated.

first clear your concepts in basic data structures and algorithms with the help of any programming language you want…Than start solving problems from low to high level of difficulty.

The skills in programming is improved with time and exprience so be patience…there is no shortcut for this.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi @queenkrestel.

Check this and this out.


  1. Get a basic idea of syntax of any language, preferably C++, Java, Python or C. Any one.
  2. Then go here. Click on the name of any problem. Try to solve it. If you get the logic, code it. Try to run your code on the sample test cases. If it does not give the correct output, fix it. If it does, hit submit, copy-paste your code in the space and hit submit. Make sure that your input-output format is exactly as they have specified.
  3. If you have any doubts, click “All submissions”, select your language and look at the codes of others who have made submissions in your language.
  4. If it’s a doubt related to a concept or syntax of your language, google it.
  5. If you have tried your best, searched for solution to your problem on the internet and still face any issues, ask it here on Codechef Discuss.
  6. After getting comfortable with basic problems and studying a bit about basic algorithms, try to take part in contests and solve the easier problems. If you couldn’t solve a problem during a contest, look at its editorial after the contest and upsolve.

Welcome to the journey of Competitive Programming. It’s thrilling, it’s live, it’s something that lives for the moment. It’s frustrating, it’s hard, but it will be worth every “Aha!” moment. You’ll fall, you’ll fail, you’ll cry. Don’t give up. Try, hope, try more. Learn.

Have fun :wink:

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Thanks for replying, the answer is irrelevant and have no links to follow.