New UI in contest problems - Feedback Thread

We launched the revamped version of our practice problem page sometime back.

Today, we revamped the problems for the ongoing contests. The problem statement and IDE are now visible side by side. The width of both the sections can be modified and can be made full screen. Comments and Other users’ submissions have been added as separate tabs. The “More Info” and “Contributors” sections at the bottom provide further information.

In case if you want to revert to the older problem UI, you can do so by clicking on the Switch to Old Contest Page link at the top.

Scored/Unscored tag is visible next to the problem name at the top along with attempted/unsolved/solved status.

Do let us know your feedback in the comments.


Is there a way I can set problem opening in the old style as default? any setting or something?
Also, the competitive companion extension is not parsing problems from the new contest(June Long 2)problem’s page, I am looking into it, but I feel the problem is at Codechef’s end with js objects that are parsed, old contest problems (STARTERS 48 and earlier) are easily being parsed by CC extension.


No, we don’t plan on adding it, since we will be deprecating the old page in the near-future. So it’ll be great if you can mention what it is that you dislike in the new UI.

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could you modify the ui contest page its feels like out place and better seperate rated and non rated contest

and prized one separate (optional)…:joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Are you talking about ?

yes all are changed(pages ->main problem …) but contest ui not changed … on clicking show all contest it should separate rated(starters lunchtime and cookoff) or use light colouring for same type of contests
and unrated (should not mix contests as of now ) and last previous contents pagination categorize contest (seperate separate) should be added…everything ok… that was my suggestion

Maybe we can turn off the IDE with one click, and get back it with the same click. (or better if we can turn on or turn off the IDE for all problems, currently from the full-screen option we can’t submit). IDE option is very good for beginners.


Thanks, that’s a very fair point. We’ll see how we can make the experience better for people who don’t use the IDE. Something like integrating the Submit section to the statement section, when the statement section is Full Screened. But since it’ll probably involve a fairly large change, it will take time to implement.

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Is it possible to add option to modify height of IDE without making it full-screen?

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I don’t like the way scroll bars works in right hand side. For small screen size display it really gets annoying to navigate the page using two different scroll bars put side-by-side. Please take a look into that.

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The UI is good.
But, the loading time is more. It doesn’t respond quickly as it takes time loading the UI.


It’s really good IMO! I really like the modern design.

The new UI is just horrible!

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Starters not loading, server crash ig

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yeah same mate

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Instead of introducing useless stuff maybe you guys should focus on ensuring site reliability during contests so that one can atleast read questions…


Regarding STARTERS-49 Unrated right? (or extension of time of contest)
Alteast notify !

20:30 IST: Apologies for the site-issues in the first 15 minutes of the contest. The contest has been extended by 30 minutes, and will remain rated.