New UI of Codechef

The new Ui is literally full of like glitches in-game. Pls, switch to the previous one or upgrade it to better.
It is very hard to code there. Lots of strollers come in between if you scroll one side other automatic goes down or up who knows :unamused:

Pls update or go to the previous one which was a lot better @admin


There is a “Switch to Old Problems Page” button at the top of the page. But at some point, we will deprecate the old page. So it’ll be great if you can explain exactly what glitches you are referring to.

see this video here @admin
When you type in code there it becomes difficult to scroll three scrollbars come over and screen size also reduces.
pls, try to update that. And the previous one was too good like a lot of space and it was good

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Then why don’t you just use the Full Screen option?

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