New YouTube Channel for Competitive Programming!

Hi Guys,

-I have created a YouTube Channel for helping beginners in the field of competitive programming.
-I will be covering cp concepts(from beginner to advanced) and illustrate them and thus, helping you internalize the thought process by solving problems on online judges.
-You can also ask me to do an editorial for any particular problem, you are struggling to understand.
-I will keep updating and share the link here, whenever I upload new video.

Channel Link



Added DP- Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach
With this video, I ended the formal introduction to DP, so that someone completely new to CP, can also feel comfortable with the upcoming stuff.
—Now from next video onwards, we will see interesting problems from sites such as Codeforces and Codechef on DP, and we will see how to deal with DP problems and develop the thinking process!

Added Video Solution for recent contest “Coders’ Legacy” problem “Jeremy gets a Gift”(CLLEXO)Link

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Codeforces Problem Div 1 C “The Values You Can Make” Video Editorial

Subscribed Bro.
Great content.

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Thanks bro!

CodeChef Problem “Doof fires Brackets” (CLBRKT)

Channel is :boom:.Also can you share your CF id ?

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How is your rank last in FEB20A and still got an increase in rating ?

Thanks! Its same “ks3rr”

Top 15 Quick CP Facts and Tricks to Boost Your DSA Skill Set Hundredfold! EP-1

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Why do you need a snipplet to find cube root of a number? You can use std::cbrt.
Most of these are well known algorithms / C++ standard library functions.

Yup! But that snippet, is needed to show the bent of mind, in case some problem ever comes in form that you have to custom code it and amalgamate it with something else, to make certain things work.

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