NEWBIE here!

I have just passed my 2nd semester and now i am in second year.I have solved a bit of beginner section problems from bottom to top.I havent studied the all ds and algo just know something about arrays and maths.I am facing much problem to solve the problems and i am getting very frustated .WHAT TO DO NOW!!? i am not unable to solve contest problems and i have to see few editorial while solving a problem which is quite annoying for me.CAN anybody guide me?what should i do?I am just a beginner here so please!!

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That’s exactly where your problem lies.
Since you are coding in cpp , i suppose you haven’t studied it’s STL part too ?
Complete STL and DS algo basics from hackerrank or hackerearth and besides practicing consistently you can’t do much.
upsolving after contests and practicing little bit above your comfort zone is key to improve.
I also coudn’t solve a single problem of long challenges of dec , jan, feb but now its around 3-4 ques every challenge incl 1-2 questions on shorter ones.


bro but its very depressing very much!!..nope i havent studied the full stl in cpp i am getting depressed coz i am just 1 star …i had been practicing from beginner section from bottom to top but after 20-30 questions i am just stuck!.in practice sections i have to see the editorials!!.And the worst part is even my thinking direction is not right whether it is using for loops when to use till when to apply loops etc etc…and that is more frustating…

i have also practiced 70% in hackerrank and 67% in language profieciency in hacker rank but when i come here to solve i cant solve any problems…and get dissapointed…its very very very frustating for me

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This is a good playlist about beginners and don’t concentrate on ratings when you are starting as you will find unethical ways to compete if you worry too much .

  1. Get strong in some language. Preferably C++ or Java.
  2. Solve Hackerrank to grasp easy concepts.
  3. Try previous contests or virtual contests.

Let me tell you how you can to where I am ( cause that’s all I know ) -

  1. 0/1 star -> 2 star - you need to get a grasp of c++ ( or any other lang ) - here are some links to learn c++
    even if you know just check out the topics and try some questions -
    don’t do what you did with DSA i.e. don’t learn DSA altogether without practicing
    Follow this - read -> implement -> practice -> repeat
    The try to solve these ( first 30 or 50 ) to get a good grasp of what basic questions are like -
    then solve the first 2 questions from past long challenges
  2. 2 star -> 3 star
    start learning some basic algos
    like sorting , greedy , binary search
    and this time while you learn solve atleast 20 question on each topic before moving on to the next one
    ( )
    then learn DP
    DP is hard don’t stress yourself if you are not able to solve its questions just keep practicing and learning how to solve DP questions .
  3. ( I’m not there yet ) 3 star to 4star -> study number theory in depth and other maths topics
    study about basic graph algorithms and advanced data structures
    follow the dsa learning series -
    this will probably get you to DIV-1
    and then you will reach a stage where you will know how to keep on progressing