Newbie's CP Train

Series on Data Structure in C++ for competitive programming especially for beginners. It will help you in learning from just one place as it consists theory part, with the best video tutorial and selected problems to enrich your learning.

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Session 1:

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@praveen3277 Thanks a lot for such a great initiative. Really loved the content out there.
Could you please tell where you have hosted this site . Is it free to create and host site like this . I have a small project in web for college. Can I create website like this and host for free.

Please suggest I need to build a site and host for some project.

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@csk111165 to make your project website and to host it freely use heroku. I am using Google Blogger CMS ( Content Management System ).

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Session 2

Great website! Give JetBrains Mono or Roboto a try.

@souvikban Thank You.
Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Ones we finish with linked list then we will be implementing Stack and Queue again with linked List.

Session 7

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Session 8

Session 9

Session 10:

Session 11:

Session 12:

Video Course on Data Structure: