News from ketek[i]

News 1: We are almost reaching 1000 users!!!

News 2: Next match is quickmatch 25, after every 25 matches a new season will start.
The current ranklist will be carry forwarded to the next season. And in the next to next season the current ranklist will be purged. So that way cycle.

Also, every season ranklist and scoring will be archived and will be on the contestants profile, the contestants seasonal archives and badges.

A write up on the rating system will be updated here soon.

News 3: Got a very good company as client which can pay 1L to 5L per month. However I said 1L is expected(according to survey, and since we freshers so I said it). However there is a 2 year bond sign and the coder should know full stack and 3 different technologies. Don’t worry, bond sign is cause “freshers can’t be trusted (since they change companies), we are a medium size company”.