Newton's Coding Challenge January 2021 Invite


Newton School cordially invites you to be a part of our monthly coding challenge. This month, the challenge is going to take place on eve of 29th January, 2021 at 9PM IST. The duration of the contest is 150 minutes.

Please follow below link to register.
Contest page:

Highlights of contest:

  • The Prize Money is ₹20k and candidates can win exciting prizes and goodies
  • ₹ 100 gift vouchers to top 50 participants
  • ₹ 100 gift vouchers to 50 randomly selected participants between ranks 51-500
  • We receive more than 10K registrations in our contest from all engineering colleges pan India

Registrations for contest is open till start of contest.

*Note: Prizes are for Indian Participants only.

I hope you all will participate and enjoy the contest.

Newton School Team.

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I haven’t received the prize for October’s contest yet, please look into it.

sure! can you email at with your registered email id?


Can someone help me unsubscribe to this. I registered for this seemingly harmless contest. However, every month I am bombarded with an email and if that is not enough, an invite on my calendar to get a job between 5 - 40 LPA. The calendar invite will ring my phone at nice times (like 9 pm or sometimes 11 pm). To top it, every time the invite comes from a new email address so blocking the old one doesn’t help.

Of course I also tried to email first asking for help but did not get response.
Anyone else facing the same issue?

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Very true, those calender notifications are too annoying given that they’re not even contest notifications

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I am new to this site, can’t we see the questions of previous contests?

If you haven’t attempted the problem then no. You should have at least on wrong submission to view the problem after contest