Next level cheating: Falsely accused of plagiarism

This is about Starters 43. Since I’m in Div 1, This was unrated for me and I participated it in casually. I have NEVER used any online IDE, I stick to my trusty codeblocks for coding.

It was shocking that I got a mail from CC, that I have been accused of plagiarism. The more shocking fact was that cheaters somehow managed to get my code (and make small changes and submitted that). My code has the earliest submission time and I have shared my CodeForces profile link, by comparing my submissions in Codeforces anyone can see that entire code is very similar to my coding style.

Here is my code:

Here are the codes of cheaters:

I’m really perplexed how these cheaters managed to steal my code during the contest, even if I coded it in codeblocks. I really suspect there is some bug or some hidden way to reveal the submissions, which the cheaters have access to.

I’m not the guy who cheats and gets involved in such kinds of stuff. I’ve genuinely worked hard till now to improve my skills. I’m also pretty active in discussions in CF Blogs regarding interesting problems. ShivanshJ - Codeforces

Moreover why would I ever cheat in unrated contest? I’ve been ignoring cheaters in Codechef, I know they affect rankings, but now this is getting out of control, It seems it is UNSAFE to give contests in CC too.

The sad thing is that I can’t really prove that I haven’t distributed the code. Just put yourself in my place, I don’t have YouTube Channel, so I don’t record while giving contests.

Now because of these cheaters, I have to face a huge rating loss. I don’t mind it much, since I know I will quickly gain rating again, but the plagiarism indicator which sticks to the contest history saddens me the most.

I request CC @admin not to penalize me and understand the situation. I think most of us, in the given situation wouldn’t be able to produce a proof / recording that they didn’t share the code online.

UPDATE: Codechef contacted me, and it was found that (high chances) someone else logged into my account from some other location and stole the code :frowning:


I personally know Shivash he is a genuine person and has worked really hard. @codechef should really check into this matter again!

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Shivansh is my batch mate in college and he takes competitive coding as a serious sport. He would never do such a thing as cheating i can guarantee that this is a false accusation.


Same case happened with many coders, i think there is some problem in CC plagiarism detector. And Shivash is my batchmate, he has worked hard since his 1st year in competitive programming and he would never cheat.

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Shivansh is really a very hardworking guy and he has proved himself many times as we can see in his CodeForces profile. I personally believe that he can never cheat or share code to others. He practices CP religiously so this claim by @admin should be reviewed once.

sad to see, that there must be some bug in the CC platform.