No CCDSAP-Scholarship mail received yet

@admin @devika31 I have rank 1 in my college (and 540 marks in FEBlong Challenge) and my name is present in the updated list as well as in the list before but still, I haven’t received any e-mail from CodeChef regarding the scholarship. Any help will be highly appreciated. Kindly look into this.
user_name: huzaifa_islam
E-mail id:

Mail re-sent. Please check.

Yeah received!!
Thanks very much :slight_smile:

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Same problem with me … I didn’t received the mail … Can u kindly resend it please.
Thank you in advance.
user_name- sumeet3_0
E-mail id -


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I received the scholarship mail and got successfully registered also but my name is not there in the list. is this a bug?